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Terms And Conditions :

By reviewing the McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. web site, or any related marketing material, or by placing an order by any means to McGee Farm Equipment, Inc., you hereby agree to these Terms And Conditions.   It is the sole responsibility of the viewers, site members, and consumers of McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. to read fully the Terms And Conditions below.   If you do not accept these terms and conditions, and to be bound by such sales conditions, then you are prohibited to proceed with the use of this site, registering as a member, or for use of personal benefit by means of product ordering.


Website Copyrights:

The McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. web site, or related marketing material, must be viewed and used for personal non-commercial use only. No images, or any portion of this web site may be used without the written permission from authorized management of McGee Farm Equipment, Inc.   All images, text, headers, logos, data, information, photographs, information structures herein are subject to copyright, trademark, and, or other property rights of McGee Farm Equipment, Inc., or authorized affiliates, or to third parties granting such rights to McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. owners.

Website And Marketing Material Information Accuracy:

McGee Farm  Equipment, Inc., and management thereof, is continually to work hard to ensure the accuracy of information provided on McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. web site and marketing material.   However, McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. does not guarantee, or warranty, the accuracy and completeness of the information and material provided by this web site, or related marketing material.   Management of McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. reserves the rights to correct, change, omit, delete, or update any information and material on this web site, or marketing material, without prior notice or consent.

McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. does not warrant, or guarantee, the accuracy of the information content provided in here such web site, or marketing material, or register members information, or third party information.

Web site pictures and specifications may vary upon actual receiving products, and are not intended to be used as actual product representation. Actual products and specifications may vary.

No Guarantees, Or Warranties And Liabilities For Website, Marketing Material, And Content Thereof:

In no event, or under any conditions, shall McGee Farm Equipment, Inc., its Owners, Managers, Officers, Members, Affiliates, or Other Representatives be liable, or responsible, whether written, implied, under contract, warranty, for any form of tort liability, product liability, association liability, or other connection, to you, or any other person, viewer, or entity, whether personal, or commercial, for any form of damages, directly or indirectly, consequential, or incidental arising from, or in connection of any use, or inability to use, results of use, this website, or any marketing material of any type associating McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. for such damages, or possibility of such damages, even if McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. and, or it’s Representatives, and Employees have been advise, informed, and addressed of the possibility of such damages that could, or may, arise.

If you are dissatisfied with the McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. web site, any advertise marketing material, and the content, products, information, and these Terms And Conditions herein, your sole and exclusive remedy, legal, or other wise, is to discontinue use of McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. web site, or any other service, marketing material, and it products, and content.

No Warranties, Guarantees, Limitation of Liability For Merchandise And Products:

All, products, merchandise, goods, and service, listed in the McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. website, or marketing material, ARE SOLD “AS IS”, and, are without warranties of any type, directly, or indirectly, express, or implied.

Order Placement:

Order placement by means of web site, or other marketing material, either directly by use of web site or called in order placement, confirms customers agreement to accept the Terms And Conditions herein, and the customer acknowledge these Terms And Conditions, McGee's Farm Equipment, Inc. Shipping Policy and McGee's Farm Equipment, Inc. Returns Policy

Orders placed with McGee Farm Equipment, Inc., by means of online ordering or called in orders, must be done only by authorized account holders.  Orders placed online, or called in, by unauthorized account holders will be demeaned as fraudulent purchasers.  Orders placed online, or called into McGee Farm Equipment, Inc., gives McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. authorization to place monetary charges against the card holders credit cards accounts.