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Returns Policy

Returns Policy:

McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. requires authorization and approvals on order returns.  Items shipped by freight carriers are non returnable.  Orders fulfilled incorrectly must be reported to McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. upon receiving shipments.  Incorrect order fulfillment must be reported to McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. within 2 business days upon receiving shipments.  Shipment damages are non-returnable and must be reported to the shipping carrier at receiving point.  Defective items must be reported to the manufacture prior to contacting McGee Farm Equipment, Inc..  Defective items do not constitute reasoning for guarantee return approvals.  It is the sole discretion of McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. to approve, or disapprove item returns.

Non-Returnable Items:

  • Items shipped by freight carriers
  • Orders fulfilled by drop shipment
  • Items that have been used from their new condition
  • Orders past 30 days of receipt date
  • Items requiring fuel, or oil, and any fuel and oil has been added to the product
  • Items subject to shipment damages
  • Shipping charges
  • Implement and equipment parts
  • Items without their original packaging material

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Contacting McGee Farm Equipment, Inc.  at 601-664-2004 for return authorization
  • Shipping costs for item returns
  • Arranging shipment returns
  • Contacting McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. about any incorrect order fulfillment within 2 business days of receiving date.
  • Contacting shipping carrier about any shipment damages, or shipment losses
  • Approved item returns may be subject to a 15% restocking fees to the customer
  • Returning items in their new condition with their original packaging material
  • Providing a copy of the original receipt of purchase

Approve Item Returning:

  • Approved item returns must be return to McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. within 5 business days of receiving a return authorization