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Frequently Asked Questions

What brand tractors does your company sell?

McGee Farm Equipment, Inc. does not sell any brands of tractors.  Moreover, our company is not an "Authorized" name brand dealer for any name brand parts for tractors.  Regarding replacement parts, tractor parts listed in our tractor parts category, and any parts offered on our web site that our company is not an authorized dealer for is supplied from aftermarket suppliers.

How do I get the shipping charges for an Item?

When you click on the product to view the product details there is a Shipping Charge button located below the product details.

I have added items to the shopping cart and proceeded to the check out page, but I do not see the shipping charges.

If you add items to the shipping cart before doing a shipping charges look up on the product detail pages you will have to fill out the profile order details before the shipping charges are viewable. You will have to fill in all the required profile information on the left side of the check out page before the shipping charges are viewable.  The shipping charges are not displayed when just adding the state, city, zip information.  The fastest way to see single item shipping charges is on the product detail page for the item.

How do I check out with my items in the shopping cart page?

If you are not logged in you will need to fill in your profile information into the left side column of the check out page and click on the yellow Apply button to submit your customer information before proceeding.  The center payment section will not be usable until all the required profile information has been added to the check out page.

I enter a coupon code but I get an red error message.

Check the coupon code for validation.  Please call to check coupon validation.

I entered my profile information and my order information, but my order keeps getting rejected.

If your profile information does not match exactly to the information on your credit card statement your orders will get declined.  If you are using a credit card and the billing address on the credit card is a PO Box billing address, your profile information is at greater risk of getting declined.  If your profile gets 3 declined orders the system will automatically block your profile from future orders.

My billing address is a PO Box.

When you fill in your profile information on the check out page you will need to enter your PO box billing address first then you will need to check the box to add a different address as a shipping address.

How do I get the shipping charges for multiple items?

If you wish to view the shipping charges for multiple items on one order then follow the steps below:

  • 1. On the product detail page do a shipping charges look up then elect the Qty that you need to purchase and add the items to the shopping cart. 
  • Do step 1 for each product type that you wish to purchase and after all the items have been added to the shopping chart the total shipping charges should be viewable on the check out page.

I placed an order but I can not log-in to check the status of the order.

When placing an order on the check out page, if the check box for membership is not elected during check out,  and a user name and password is not added to your profile during check out, you will not be able to log back in to check the status of the order, or get shipment tracking information.

Can I pick up items at the store location?

If you see products on our web site that you would like to pick up at our Florence MS location you will need to call for F.O.B Florence MS pricing and availability.

Are your store location prices the same as your internet prices?

Many of our web site items are priced as direct shipping items and prices may vary for our at store prices.  For our at store prices please call for product availability and at store prices.